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Annoying pop-ups that keep occurring are typically the sign of adware. You may have inadvertently installed this on your computer any number of ways.

  • A wrong step while making the changes might result in the malfunction of your computer.
  • Click the Create Restore Point button at the bottom left before you start, tick the changes you want to make, then click Apply sfml-window-2.dll at the bottom.
  • You may want to also post this on r/TechSupport for more exposure.
  • You have successfully disabled the Windows Defender on your desktop.
  • Let’s see how to remove or even uninstall Windows Defender completely from our System.

First, then go through the process and do a speed test again. You may be surprised to see how much faster everything is running after this refresher. To do this right, go to your WiFi router and unplug it. Ideally, if you can spare it, wait five for good measure. Then plug the power back in and wait for everything to get back online. This can take a good five minutes and may need a while to ‘settle’, so it’s worth giving 10 to 15 minutes before you jump back in, ideally.

Use an Alternative Tool

System Restore – Unlike the newer versions of Windows, Vista and 7 do not have a “refreshing” option. Use this option for problems not relating to Windows starting up.

How to Enable or Disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 11

In this case, the Boot\BCD file is not in the active partition you set. Corrupted/damaged system files will result in “PC device needs to be repaired” and cause Windows unbootable. Windows is running Slow – Most of the computer users tend to close the lid and put Laptop to sleep. The computer is not shut down for days or weeks which often results in sluggish response.

Restart your computer, and the lock screen will be disabled and go directly to the login screen. The Windows 10 Home version doesn’t include advanced admin tools like group policy editor. However, you can still disable the lock screen with a registry hack. Change the ‘Value data’ to 0 if you want to disable the lock screen and 1 if you want to enable it.

Windows Vista and 7

If updating a driver, you will likely need to use Safe Mode with Networking. If the black screen issue started after the installation of a new application, you might need to uninstall the application, which you can do in Safe Mode. You should be able to launch Safe Mode even if a faulty application is causing black screen errors.

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